Dec 28 2012

The Winner is No One

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Photo by Marktristan via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Marktristan via Flickr Creative Commons

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an anti-U.S. adoption decree into law.  Today, the possibility for a loving home slipped through thousands of tiny fingers.  Today, families already fully devoted to a child they will now never hold are mourning the loss of what wasn’t.

I’ve watched for a while as the wheels of this horrible measure gained momentum hoping that at the 11th hour, the Russian government would have a change of heart.  Though we went the domestic adoption route, I have a heart for families formed through international adoption.  I am a firm believer that EVERY child, regardless of race, nationality, or creed is equally deserving of a loving home.  Certainly children living in orphanages with notoriously deplorable conditions are among these.

Today my heart goes out to the thousands of children and children not yet born doomed to a life of institutional care, not by chance, but by the choice of a powerful few.  My heart bleeds for families separated without hope from children they fiercely love.  Hopefully as this story develops, we will find that there is something we can do to alter this tragic turn of events.  In the mean time, I’m hoping for the innocent victims of politics that there is a miracle.

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